Themis Georgoudis

Welcome to the electrifying world of Themis Georgoudis, a highly talented music producer and DJ

Album Metamorphosis (2024)

"Metamorphosis" is the 3rd album of original works by Themis Georgoudis.

The "Metamorphosis" soundscape is varied yet predominantly progressive, featuring warm synths and atmospheric instrumentation for an ethereal ambiance. Each track brings a distinct perspective while preserving the artist's unique identity.

The release includes two collaborative tracks with 'Seven Of Hearts' and 'George Toro.'

Dedicated to those embracing the transformative journey of self-realization, letting go of everything that no longer aligns with their core truth.

"A subtle line separates the choices we make and the paths we take..."

Album Illusions (2022)

Themis Georgoudis presents his second album called "Illusions".

His new compositions introduce us to new atmospheric elements in the electronic music scene. The tracks have been created during 2021 and each one of them tells a unique story. The title of the album is inspired by false ideas of the world around us that may lead people to feel fear or idealization.

Hopefully, this album will inspire artists and music lovers to broaden their musical horizons, be inspired and keep in mind that while life can give many challenges, some feelings are just illusions - authentic happiness comes from within.

Among all tracks, two beautiful collaborations, "Traffic" and "Perspective" were produced with Thrill Motion and Themis Flessas respectively. The epilogue of the album includes a unique remix with Techno elements by Theodore Ali on the track "Intentions".

Album Phases (2021)

Upfilter Records proudly presents Themis Georgoudis, a new and a very promising producer from Greece.

His first album “Phases” expresses with an amazing way different eras of House music! The album “Phases”, introduces some new atmospheric elements in the area of electronic music. The tracks have been written during the last 2 years and each one of them tells a unique story.

The title of the album is inspired by the different phases of life, when people grow, mature, come to terms of real life and get memories, feelings and experiences. Hopefully, this production will inspire artists and music lovers to be creative and keep in mind a well-known saying that "The only constant in life is change".

Discover the different “Phases” of dance electronic music by Themis Georgoudis and enjoy a unique music world with melody, rhythm, beats and marvelous ideas!


Themis Georgoudis - Obsession (Video Edit)